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Activida Wanderreisen corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign


Straight to the point: Corporate Design, logo and claim for hiking tours specialist Activida from…

Antão on the Rocks

Architecture and branding project for a Cape Verde design hotel located on a cliff, overlooking…

Bar Code

Interior architecture and design for Barcode, one of the smallest bars ever seen.

Berlin subsidy

The Berlin Senate launched a funding program for new jobs. Extractdesign put people in the…
Café Nescafé

Café Nescafé

Interior architecture as advertising. An image of quality and relaxation, applied to Nescafé brand in…
Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde

Caixa Económica

The benchmark in Cape Verde: Logo, corporate claim, interior architecture, films. Extractdesign created the complete…
Cinema City interior design © Piotr Gieraltowski, Extractdesign

Cinema City Budapest

A cinema that is actually two. Classic and VIP area, inside Budapest’s Mammut Shopping Mall.

Cineworld Crawley

Year: 2015 Local: London, UK Services: cinema design, interior architecture Cineworld Crawley We were asked…
Cristal Casino branding, interior design and corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Piotr Gieraltowski, Extractdesign

Cristal Casino Gdańsk

Corporate design for Poland’s leading casino chain. Logo, interior architecture, brand manual book and interior…

Cube Cafe

Interior architecture, custom made furniture and design for Cube Cafe.
Die Leadermacher corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign

Die Leadermacher

Extractdesign office: Berlin Designer: Thomas Iwainsky, Jan Frenzel Project location: Berlin, Germany Services: Corporate design…
Emprofac corporate design and office building architecture © Thomas Iwainsky, Piotr Gieraltowski, Extractdesign


An emblematic building. Clear and bright communication. Logo, corporate design, claim, manual, interior architecture. Everything…

Espana ToTu Restaurant

Espana To Tu. The Spanish inspired signature restaurant of famous Polish restaurant creator Mrs Magdalena…
Forum Anders Reisen corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign

Forum Anders Reisen

Corporate Design, claim and logo for Germany’s association of sustainable travel companies. 120+ companies member.

GetOut Training

Functional training outdoors, with nice people and lots of fun – GetOut Training brought the…
Helios flagship cinema interior design © Piotr GIeraltowski, Extractdesign

Helios Blue City

Flagship cinema of Polish Helios cinema chain. New York inspired, with the lobby as a…
Helios flagship cinema interior design © Piotr GIeraltowski, Extractdesign

Helios Cinemas

Completely new interior architecture for a variety of Poland’s Helios cinemas, giving each a unique…

Helios Lubin

Redesign of Helios Cinema in Lubin, Poland fitting unusual shapes such as a distant cinema…

Helios Magnolia

Inteiror design for the busy Helios Cinema at Magnolia mall in Wrocław, Poland.

Helios Olsztyn

Helios Cinema in Olsztyn laid out in 2 parts of the mall – old and…

Helios Żory

Helios Żory cinema with a unique design, featuring LED lighting
Hit Casino

Hit Casino

Interior design and branding for Hit Casino, incl. Poland’s largest casino. Architecture, logo, signage.

Hit Casino Gromada Warsaw

Year: 2019 Local: Warsaw, Poland Services: casino, interior architecture Hit Casino Gromada The largest casino…
Hospital Central da Praia

Hospital Central

Complete design overhaul for Cape Verde’s main hospital. Including a warm-hearted logo, slogan, interior design…

Hotel Gromada Koszalin

Redesign of a Hotel Gromada lobby bringing new life into a 60 year old building.
Hotel Olaya Piotr Gieraltowski, Extractdesign

Hotel Olaya

Interior design for the 4 star Olaya Hotel in AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia.
The Quarter Hotel © Thomas Iwainsky, Piotr Gieraltowski, Extractdesign

Hotel Quarter

Interior and corporate design for the Quarter Hotel Hotel & Spa in AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia

INPS Cabo Verde

Renewed design for Cape Verde’s social insurance INPS, incl. photo shootings, design manual and architecture.

Kamen Show Room

Extractdesign office: Warsaw Architect: Piotr Gieraltowski Local: Warsaw, Poland Services: interior design, interior architecture Kamen…
Köpenick Nord

Köpenick Nord

Corporate design, slogan, interior and exterior architecture, advertising: Extractdesign completely refreshed Köpenick Nord’s image.


Lively and matching image for highly specialized energy services corporation. Logo, corporate design, websites, advertising.
Corporate Design for Lead British International School Nigeria, © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign

Lead British International School

Where will knowledge lead your child? Advertising concept for Nigeria’s Lead British International School.

Mille Luci Restaurant

A cozy Italian street, inside this Warsaw restaurant. Interior design creating a short break from…

Pensjonat Kazimierski

Interior and corporate design for a hotel at the Polish town of Kazimierz Dolny, known…
Petra Dietrich corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign

Petra Dietrich

Corporate Design for the Berlin based interpreter Petra Dietrich, showing the name “unlocking” languages.

Prêt à Café

Interior architecture for the cozy, warm and French inspired Prêt à Café.
Prime Cut Steakhouse interior design © Piotr Gieraltowski, Extractdesign

Prime Cut Steakhouse

Prime location. Prime steaks, prime interior architecture, just within Warsaw’s landmark office tower.

Private Palace Riyadh

Design for private palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, including all interiors according to the highest…

Regal Cinemas

A tremendous cinema re-design in the USA. 14 locations incl. New York City, Houston, Los…
Reisen mit Sinnen corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign

Reisen mit Sinnen

Sustainable experience travel to 35 countries with a handmade looking corporate design, logo, catalogues and…
Salamansabay corporate design, logo and name © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign


500 hectars touristic city development in Cape Verde. Including world leading hotel chain. Logo, corporate…
São Tomé Príncipe Tourism

São Tomé e Príncipe

Logo, corporate design and country branding for São Tomé e Príncipe tourism. Plus trade fair…

Volvo Car Showroom

Flagship Volvo Car showroom next to the Volvo Cars headquarters in Warsaw, Poland
Warner Bros interior architecture © Piotr Gieraltowski, Extractdesign

Warner Bros

Warner Bros. Poland office. Inspired by their movies and with the famous WB blue sky…
Welzow Airport corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign

Welzow Airport

Branding, design and advertising for Welzow commercial airfield.
WG Merkur corporate design © Thomas Iwainsky, Extractdesign

WG Merkur

Real estate company with client’s participation. With a matching logo, corporate design, advertising.

Corporate Design:

Extractdesign has been creating successful visual identities since 2001. We start with a comprehensive analysis, go through logo, branding, corporate font faces and end up wherever you wish us to do so. This may include design manuals, web sites, social media, advertising, signage, outside media, printed materials, branded interior architecture or image films. Our core experiences are in: hospitality, travel, banking, healthcare, services.

Interior Design:

Interior design is one of Extractdesign’s core business. Wether you are setting up a restaurant, a bar, trade fair stand or a representative office, Extractdesign will create a unique interior architecture, which includes matching furniture, signage, communication concepts and technical plans. Production and mounting will also be possible. Core experiences are: cinema interior design, restaurants, hospitality, banking, casinos, bars and offices.