Case Studies: Bank employees at the beach, a Polish team in Tennessee or a country logo at the Equator. Corporate design and interior design case studies, including some more detailed descriptions.

Caixa Económica

Cape Verde’s most important bank is the “banco que combina comigo”. The corporate slogan, complete image and interior design are done by Extractdesign. From credit card to branch design and image films.

Köpenick Nord

Köpenick Nord

Where the city meets the green: Köpenick Nord is a real estate cooperative, based in Berlin’s greenest borough. Slogan, corporate design, advertising, interior and exterior architecture are by Extractdesign.

Regal Cinemas

Regal cinemas is the leading cinema chain in the United States. Extractdesign developes a complete overhaul for Regal cinemas allover the US, including Miami, Knoxville, Chicago, San Diego, New York and more.

São Tomé e Príncipe

This African country has it all: tropical forests, hidden jungle villages, lonesome beaches … and a complete branding by Extractdesign. Country logo, trade fair design, maps, website and comprehensive info materials.

Last but not least, long-lasting company claims Extractdesign developed for companies in Europe and Africa:

Wo Natur und Stadt sich treffen.

Ao meu lado. A vida toda.

Heimat der Energie

Die Welt. Zu Fuß.

O banco que combina comigo.

Es geht um die Welt.

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